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What we do
Our services reflect our QUALITY POLICY.
Código Essencial is committed to the satisfaction and collaboration of all business partners:

  • Ensuring safety and health conditions
  • Preserving the environment
  • Empowering and training all employees
  • Encouraging new behaviours
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace
  • Preventing risks and workplace accidents
  • Complying with applicable law
  • Promoting partnership relations with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Satisfying our clients
  • Anticipating our clients' expectations
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Relying on a solid, committed, competent, creative, innovative and motivated team
  • Pursuing continuous improvement
These are the values that set us apart.
Digital Embroidery Printed patterns Design Office Transfer
Digital Embroidery Printed patterns Design Office Transfer
Creativity is taken to the next level with an unlimited colour spectrum and unique brightness used in the most diverse items.
Limitless production
This service provides the most effective response and pushes the boundaries of production.
We develop traditional embroidery in cotton thread, wool, polyester, acrylic, viscose, metal, multicolour, etc. Different sorts of stitches, such as crochet-like, cross-stitch, loose stitch, topstitch, bullion stitch, tinted stitch, etc.
Chain Stitch
Also produced in machines designed for the purpose, the chain stitch embroidery may also be combined with other sorts of stitches.
This sort of embroidery allows the creation of various effects, providing the design with a different aesthetic appeal. 
We have a wide range of sequins that come in various shapes, sizes, colours and sublimated.
Embroidery with appliqués
Embroidery made on a felt base and then applied to the piece.
With this sort of embroidery it is possible to create a multitude of colours and details, and even highlight some 3D details.
3D Embroidery
This sort of embroidery allows any multicoloured and detailed image to be transferred to the embroidery and to even highlight some 3D details.
Blended Stitching
All our techniques may be combined to create different and interesting pieces.
Different techniques
We seek to offer our clients new forms of inspiration, using the widest range of printing techniques.
Dedication and professionalism
We put the utmost dedication and professionalism into everything we do, aiming for total trust in our services.
Tailored solutions
We thoroughly analyse our clients' requirements to always offer them the best design solutions and production options.
We closely monitor every step of our product development.
Thermal adhesive film
We have a wide range of transfers and films that can be applied to several textile materials.
We highlight the velvet-like Flock film, the glitter film, for a glamour concept, the reflector film, and the Flex film.
Studs and stones
We produce and apply your motif in different materials.
Applied through heat and pressure, they provide a remarkable work, whether combined with each other or with other materials. 
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